Community Right To Challenge
Expression of Interest Form

This form may be used to:

a) formally express an interest (“EOI”) under the Localism Act 2011 in running a service that is currently being provided or performed by Dartford Borough Council; and/or

b) provide information for an informal discussion with the Council or additional evidence in support of an EOI.

Formal EOIs under the Localism Act may only be submitted between 1st and 31st March each year.  Information for an informal discussion with the Council can be submitted at any time.

You do not need to have finalised all of your operational arrangements before submitting an EOI to run a service.  However you do need to provide evidence to show that should the Council accept your EOI, by the time of any procurement exercise, you will be capable of providing, or assisting in providing, the service.

Under normal circumstances, we will advise you of our decision on your EOI within a maximum period of 120 days.  When an EOI is accepted we will put in place a procurement process. The timescale for this will vary according to the nature and circumstances of the service that the EOI relates to. For services that are not provided by an external supplier this will be between three months and twelve months. However, if you are submitting an EOI for a service that is already subject to a contract we will need to take into account the period of time that the contract still has to run.  This could be significantly longer than 12 months.

The information you give in this form is essential for the Council to assess your EOI.

SECTION 1 - About you
Questions marked * are mandatory questions and must be answered
  Organisation Name & Address*
  Who should we contact to discuss this expression of interest?*
  Is the contact address the same as above?*
  Type of Organisation (please mark all that apply)
  To go with your application, we will need to see any of the following documents that are relevant to your organisation.
Please mark all that apply and then send as attachments to clearly stating your name and organisation
SECTION 2 - About the service you would like to deliver
SECTION 3 - How you intend to deliver the service
  Delivery Model
Do you intend to deliver the service through a partnership arrangement with a third party organisation?
  Do you intend to subcontract work to a commercial organisation?
  Partner Details
Please provide details of each partner below.
  Do you have any additional partners?
  Do you have any additional partners?
  If you have any more partners, please email further details to clearly stating your name and organisation
  Employee Mutual Procurement Route (for Applications from Dartford Borough Council employees only)
Please indicate which procurement route is being proposed.  Further information is available from
SECTION 4 - Supporting Information
SECTION 5 - Demonstrating the benefits of your proposal
  Outcomes to be achieved
Please provide indicative measures, targets or outputs to demonstrate the outcomes you (and your partners if any) anticipate achieving as a result of your proposal.
If you have more than the form allows, please email further details to clearly stating your name and organisation
  By submitting this form you are confirming...*

- that the contents of this form are correct, to the best of your knowledge and
- you are aware that if the expression of interest is accepted that it will be open to a formal and competitive procurement exercise
Data Protection Statement
We will process the information provided in accordance with the Data Protection Act for the purposes of administering the Community Right to Challenge procedure.  The information provided will be stored securely by Dartford Borough Council and will be destroyed after 6 years.  The information provided will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000, but personal information (names and contact details) will not be released in responses to Freedom of Information requests.

If the Council considers that the information supplied above is inadequate or inaccurate then it may (i) ask for further information; (ii) reject the EOI; or (iii) seek to modify the EOI giving reasons for such action which will be published on the Council’s website.
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